We are a working university

We are changing the world one brand at a time

We are a working university, passionate about branding the world better. People who work with us undergo massive learning and unlearning. They undergo a transformation that helps them evolve into successful professionals.

We are open to new ways of thinking

We are not afraid of pursuing something that we believe in. We are open – to new ways of thinking, to change with the times. We, as a family and not just a team, embrace and encourage radical ideas that can bring about a positive transformation – locally, socially or globally.

We believe in the power of conversations

One rule every member of our team swears by – to never stop communicating. We are collaborative by nature. We are good listeners and team players. If we receive praises for our planning, its because our team is ever ready to discuss its concerns, share their ideas, converse.

We work from anywhere in the world

Under ‘Creative workplace of the future’, a one of its kind initiative for our creative team, we have taken a bold step to transform the way we work. Our designers and writers are at liberty to work from anywhere in the world – from sipping kahwah on a houseboat in Kashmir to sunbathing in Central Park – all you need is a cup of hot coffee and Wi-Fi to get going.

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