Brand India Summit 2016

Celebrating Indian origin brands and India as a nation brand on a global stage

Unravel the journey behind organising a one of its kind world class event

India, the Great Country of Givers

India quietly and unobtrusively emerged as a ‘brand’ some 10,000 years ago. It gave to the world the soothing, healing medicinal power of Ayurveda, the universally acclaimed regimen of Yoga for complete mind and body fitness and the humble Zero that revolutionized mathematics the world over. There were many more firsts that followed: seats of learning at Takshila and Nalanda, chess, a game that continues to challenge minds even today, the rigidly structured but elegantly euphonic language, Sanskrit and of course ‘Satyagraha’ – that brave new way of reclaiming one’s fundamental rights as demonstrated by the world’s foremost apostle of peace, to enlist a few.


The idea of India as a Nation Brand

Somewhere along the long corridors of time, the sheen of Brand India seemed to have been overwhelmed by the thrust of colonial conquests! And over time, the idea of India came to mean just elephant safaris, colourful festivals; and, over-the-top Bollywood extravaganzas, juxtaposed with grim images of poverty and deprivation.

Lately, we were noticing a new tide rising – India, the world’s largest democracy and the world’s youngest nation by 2020 was slowly and steadily acquiring a new image, the image of a country that is awake and rising up to its true potential.

India and its people have discovered a new brand of aggression and the ability to take risks. As a nation, we are learning that we have nothing really to lose. Powered by the energy of youth and a passion for enterprise and new pursuits, it was time also to rework the old magic and reclaim India’s rightful position among the comity of nations.


Conceptualising Brand India Summit

Co-conceptualised by Yogesh Joshi, President, Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) and Saurabh Uboweja, CEO, Brands of Desire (BoD), the first and the forthcoming chapters of Brand India Summit intend to expand the definition and positioning of Brand India from being merely a cultural tourist destination to one with a history and tradition fostered in innovation, scientific curiosity and technology. It is an ambitious and imaginative attempt to present the India advantage in a comprehensive manner, replete with legendary narratives from our magnificent past and glorious present.


The whole world joined us in our celebration

The event was held at Hotel President, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai from 27th to 28th October, 2016. Over the course of few days, it highlighted and celebrated the country’s entrepreneurial talent, its mettle in the sports arena, industrial and manufacturing capabilities, economic growth rate and advancement in banking & finance, the prodigious and path-breaking output of its software and film industries, and the capabilities of its scientific community in launching a successful Mission to Mars etc.


Amongst the esteemed attendees were: 24 distinguished and iconic speakers from a diverse set of fields who have become the contemporary ambassadors of brand India shedding light on 82 power brands of the country, global leaders in communication management from 9 nations sharing their standpoints, thoughts and recommendations on India as a nation brand, 23 agencies, 300+ delegates etc.
The event also honoured organisations and individuals across 8 categories, who are doing outstanding work in their respective fields and making India proud on the international front, with Brand India Summit 2016 Awards.


BIS 2016 in a snapshot

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