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DEE Piping Systems

DEE Piping Systems Ongoing Brand Custodianship
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About the client

DEE Piping Systems is a brand providing piping and related products & services to National and Multinational OEMs of power generation equipment, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors serving power generation, oil and gas and petrochemicals sector.  DEE manufacturing range includes variety of high pressure piping systems, induction pipe bends, pipe fittings, pressure vessels and accessories like boiler headers, boiler super heaters and economizer coils, de-super heaters and other tailor made fabricated components.


DEE was well established in it’s operations, but the brand could not communicate the strengths, business lines and offerings to the market in the most optimum manner. The brand offered a lot more than it communicated, and there was a need to ensure that the products and services were clear and crisp with the right segregation

Our solution

The new identity for DEE Piping Systems unified the entire brand in one identity, and linked all products and services together. The communication of the brand was stronger and sharper, while there was absolute clarity about the company and its mastery in piping technology.

Scope of services

Brand Core
Business Stationery
Marketing Collaterals
Corporate Website

Company Profiles
Brand Training
Media Coverage


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