Being able to convincingly use new media will decide how your brand is experienced and perceived going forward.

Today, it is imperative to communicate effectively across all mediums of communication. While many organizations have mastered the art of communicating across traditional media, such as Print and TV, the advent of new media (digital) has thrown open fresh challenges for organizations to communicate in a way that they can influence the opinions of its stakeholders meaningfully.

Your digital strategy has to be integrated into your larger brand and business strategy. Brands of the future will put a significant emphasis on creating digital brand experiences as brand users spend significantly higher share of their time on digital. However, digital is often see as website or social media. Digital is beyond that and much more.

Organizations face the challenge of not only creating a digital footprint but are unable to manage it effectively for strengthening their brand equity. They are unable to communicate effectively the different facets of their organization with all important stakeholders using digital.

BoD has developed a solution, which helps organizations of the future develop a reliable and impactful digital roadmap.

  1. Digital roadmap and strategy that outlines the objectives of your organization for digital communication. This will also include the content strategy (text, pictures, videos, voice).
  2. Digital journey mapping that defines the digital experiences and touchpoints.  We will also connect this to the larger user journey using your digital platforms.
  3. Design of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
  4. Guidelines for consistent implementation of the digital brand experiences.
  5. Regular audits and future recommendations to enhance the digital experiences further.

BoD will also participate in the execution of the digital roadmap on targeted digital platforms including but not limited to corporate website, mobile applications, games, intranet, digital forums, digital interactive kiosks, micro websites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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