What your customers feel about your brand is a direct reflection of the experience they get from it.

Every brand offers a unique customer journey, which needs to be mapped meticulously in order to deliver great customer experiences at each stage of the journey. The customer is susceptible to quitting the journey midway, if he doesn’t gain enough confidence to proceed further. The challenge, therefore, is to hold the customer attention, long enough, through out the journey, with each milestone encouraging the customer to take on the next milestone.

BoD has developed a solution using, which you can enhance and deliver great customer experiences at all times. The solution is designed to work in the following steps:

  1. Customer Journey Mapping: There are primarily three broad stages in any customer journey: pre-service, service and post-service. Each stage, on the other hand can have various sub-stages in the journey, which need to be mapped accurately for creating a great customer experience.
  2. Customer Experience Audit: Existing brands have the benefit of hindsight. A customer experience audit is the first step in identifying the experiences the customer enjoys or abhors. This is also the stage where relative priority is given to sub customer experiences depending on influence of the experience.
  3. Benchmarking: Our team is experienced with a deep understanding of global benchmarks in customer experience. This comes handy at this stage so that the right standards are set as far as customer experiences are concerned.
  4. Customer Experience Enhancement: After the benchmarking and clear identification of all the important milestones and their existing experiences in a customer journey, this is the stage where the new customer experience design starts across different interface elements.
  5. Compliance: The secret doesn’t lie in creating wow experiences any more. The challenge is in creating experiences that can be repeated with ease and at the right cost. Putting guidelines in place and training delivery managers will ensure that the enhanced customer experience can be implemented consistently over a period of time. We also conduct regular brand audits in order to always stay on top of customer experiences.
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