The secret to the success of global brands in India has been their localization, without violating the brand core and global ethos.

Liberalization of foreign investment policies has meant a tremendous growth potential for global multi nationals (MNCs) in the Indian market. However, the country is very diverse in terms of culture, language, traditions, climate & socio-economic factors. This diversity acts as a challenge for foreign companies that want to tap into the Indian market; making it extremely important to understand the various differences.

Transferability of brand strategies is a huge concern for companies looking to expand in India. More often than not, the primary reason is inefficient or non-existent brand localization of the global branding of the MNC. Language barriers and work ethics play a big role in determining the success of any business and need to be taken into consideration from the very start. Even though India is moving fast towards globalization, Indians are very much inclined towards their traditions. It is therefore, mandatory for multi national companies to Think Globally, but Act Locally. This “Glocal” thinking would help establish and build strong ties with the stakeholders, resulting in robust business growth in the future. Many international brands have used this approach to gain success in India.

BoD has developed a solution that is focused towards MNCs that wish to operate and succeed in India by successfully localizing their brand, but without violating the global brand identity and guidelines. We offer brand localization services for global MNCs looking to establish themselves firmly in India. We can serve as your one point contact for any branding related requirements and can also be your partner in research and strategy formation. We will not only help you create, but also build & sustain your brand image thereafter. We are also equipped to find you reliable companies that can help execute brand strategies in the form of event management and public relations.

Some of our key working areas towards ensuring your success include:

  1. Product positioning that is closer to the Indian customer, backed by focused research & communication strategies.
  2. Development of brand & marketing collaterals to make them relevant for the Indian stakeholders.
  3. Internal communication customization in order to create an organizational culture that is India centric in your facilities in India.
  4. Localization of the brand guidelines to keep them pertinent for use and compliance in the Indian market.
  5. Regular brand audits and trainings to ensure there is no violation of global brand guidelines while there is adherence to the localized guidelines.
  6. Brand custodianship for managing the day-to-day brand building needs directly or through other partner agencies.
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