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Brand Experience Design

Once the brand has a firm brand strategy, voice and identity, it becomes important to reflect it consistently across brand experiences. It is often said, if you want to demand premium, enhance the experience. We work with clients across different kinds of brand experiences that form a key part of the customer journey.

Human interaction

Sales, customer service and support, CXO branding, personality branding.

Sensory branding

Brand fragrance, branded sounds and music, brand textures, taste.

Brand collaterals

Stationery, front and back office documentation, marketing collaterals, training materials, user guides, case studies, white papers.

Brand marketing

Brand launch, advertising, events, public relations, merchandize.

Brand environment

Retail, offices, offshore development centers, factory, exhibitions.

Transit branding

Urban transportation (airlines, bus, trams, metro, trains, taxis), corporate fleet, logistics fleet.

Brand packaging

Consumer products, industrial products, software packaging, loyalty and trade programs.

Digital experience

E-commerce, corporate websites, microsites, blog, social media, mobile apps and websites, responsive websites, digital kiosks.

Fusion brand experience

A mix of one or more of the above experiences. E.g., a customer experience is likely to involve a mix of brand experience types.

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