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Brand Compliance

It is not just important to create a great brand experience. Brands become a brand when the experience is repeated consistently over a long period of time. This is often a bottleneck even for established brands. We provide the following services to ensure that your brand is compliant at all times.

Brand experience audit

Done before and after the branding process to determine the efficacy of the brand experiences and whether they are being complied to as per the brand guidelines.

Brand manual

A detailed standards or rule book that explains the brand and the usage guidelines for the different brand experiences

Brand training

Conducted periodically with relevant stakeholders to ensure brand experiences are replicated to perfection each time.

Brand protection

Suitable measures are taken in order to protect the brand assets and their misuse.

Brand asset management solution

A software solution that allows seamless management of brand assets, guidelines, creative workflow and reporting to ensure brand compliance.

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