We are Asia’s leading brand consultancy working with clients who want to create brands for the next growth markets of the world.


Brands of Desire is Asia’s leading brand consultancy. We are busy laying the foundation for the next generation of the world’s most desired brands.

We have gained a wealth of experience engineering over 150 brands in more than 20 industries that cover products, companies, groups’ of companies, institutions, people, mascots, movements, events, processes and technologies. We believe in the philosophy that anything worthwhile can and must be branded in a scientific and a holistic manner in order to realize its true potential.

BoD works on the following areas for its customers in order to create a new brand or transform an existing brand into a brand of desire:

Brand Definition
Brand Experience Design
Brand Compliance
Brand Implementation

Branding is the Opposite of ChaosTM

Branding is a relatively new subject in emerging countries of the world which combined together have created less than 2% of the most desired brands in the world till date. One of the most important reasons for this abysmal rate is the abundance of chaos and lack of appreciation for systems and processes in emerging parts of the world. This in turn is due to the fact that people look for easy, cheap and short term answers rather than long term and sustainable solutions.

At BoD, our mission is to become an integral part of the branding eco-system in order take this number to 20% by 2016 and to 50% by 2020. But this would involve changing people’s mindset on a massive scale, which can happen through training, formal education and experience working on branding. We continue to play a big role in this process. A major part of our effort goes in research, education and training of management students and professionals working in organizations on the importance of branding and how strong brands are created. Brands of Desire has trained and sensitized over 10,000 people on the concept of branding in the last few years.

Branding is for the Progressive
One of the things we have realized while working for our clients is that our clients are progressive in attitude and are extremely passionate and conscious about their image. They patronize systems and professionalism and despise chaos and easy way outs. Organizations which are always trying to learn and adopt the highest benchmarks and standards in managing every aspect of their work are more likely to appreciate the concept of branding than those who are generally satisfied with what they have achieved so far.

Our Vision and Mission
Our vision is to become India’s first multinational brand consultancy. We aim to be the front runners in branding and design innovation, setting trends globally.

Our single most important mission is to provide our customers world-class branding solutions helping them become brands of desire in their operating environment.

Our Promise

We will help you benchmark with the best in your industry worldwide.

Core Values

Quality, Transparency and Continued Support

Key Facts

Brands of Desire - 150 Projects
Brands of Desire - 80+ Clients
Brands of Desire - 6 Years
Brands of Desire - 25 Employees
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